Sunday, November 8, 2009

100% American Freestyle o0o o0o

For my Family
I was so sorry and guilty
I was realli buzy for those times..
I don meant it..
Let me do sumthing to mend it back

Mummy i love u
Plz take care and b v v kful in US
I wish u stay good and safe all the way
So sry i cant attend for the bdae dinner...
Hmms...I had promise my fren..So sorry bout tat..

You ar alwiz No.1 in my heart
heh... Sayang u larhx...Mum..Muackz ^^

And then and then
Jerreen don stupid larhx
don giv up the forest over 1 trees or even a grasss???
lolx..u hav a long wayyyy to go.......
keep on it ^^
keep on b wild as leopard in FASHION

Sing nin ah
Don worry i nvr neglected u
Lets go bundle on the other times
Definitely i would bring u ^^

Qiu Qiu
Don alwiz clubbing la..
Tis is not the onli way to unstress

Wei Heng
I miss u larhx bro..
We ar the sausage team ^^

Fuck u larhx..hahahaha
I don meant to scold u
bcoz i love u i cherish our frenship
So i scold u wif smile ^^
You ar..
Forget bout her bahx..

I was so sorry....

I love my Bape watch
I love my Air Force
I love my Beams spider tee
I love my Carhartt pants
I love everything i had

I wating for my Adidias X Takashi Muraikami
Hope to get it ^^
Depends on my fate :p

Da7 Ants

Trudy u reali love her
I was glad to heard tat

Pang let me know wat u want
and wat u would to do
We are bro secret whey....

I was worried bout u
Find me when u're free
Let's hav a deep chat

Kim Congratulations
Be Hapiness ^^

Winson i would pray for u
Get championship for the MMU competition
So nex tym i feel proud to stand bside u

Alvin fuck u
Get ready for the exam
I love ur Martell

I would nvr laughed so hard without Da7 Ants

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