Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hands Down

My hope are so high
That ur kiss mught kill me
So wont u kill me
So i die happy

My heart is urs
to feel or burst
to break or bury
or wear as jewellery

Which ever u prefer

Hands down
is this the best day

I can ever remember
I alwiz remeber

The songs of the stereo

The dim of the soft lights
The scent of ur hair
That u twirled in ur fingers

And the time on the clock when we realized it's so late
And this walk that we shared together.

The streets were wet

and the gate was locked
so I jumped it
and I let you in.

And you stood at your door
with your hands on my waist
and you kissed me
like you meant it.

And I knew
that you meant it,
that you meant it,
that you meant it,

And I knew,
that you meant it,
that you meant it...

This is my Favourite Song
Anyone get the point ?

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